Larry is a profound coach with great structure and enthusiasm in his practice. I had many “aha” moments with him during our sessions. He helped me go through challenging times in terms of life choices. He always offered a great homework / challenge / inquiry which worked well for me.

He has also proven that coaching is beyond the cultures or different backgrounds. I felt I was understood despite the complexity of my story.

I truly appreciate being coached by Larry.

NA, 31, Learning Professional

When I started coaching sessions with Larry I was right at the beginning of quite a dramatic career change and so experiencing many of the exhilarations and fears of transition.

Working with Larry, I felt firmly accompanied on this slightly precarious journey. He is one of the most astute and finely tuned listeners (and sensers) I have ever met. This is such a rare quality and it was not only a complete joy to talk  – and sense – with him, but the conversations and sensory experiences took me to visual, emotional and intellectual places I would not have encountered alone.

These places enabled me not only to embrace the present with full positive energy but altered my perspective on a range of challenges I was facing. The world, my expectations and my relationships look and feel different after Larry’s coaching.”

RE 48 Business Owner

I was very skeptical about coaching and whether coaching would help others until I met Larry.

He creates such a safe environment that you feel like you can talk about anything. His approach to my family problems was very comforting and supporting. During the sessions, he would always ensure to challenge me while creating a serene space. What a beautiful balance!

He also coached me and motivated me to start my own business. He not only managed to help me take my first step towards success, he also brings out the confidence within myself that I always needed.

He used all the elements of coaching. A session with him is never dull. He is entertaining, engaging, challenging and very comforting.

Thank you for making a difference in my life and taking me in the direction I always wanted to go. I know my life purpose now and I think everyone deserves to know their own.

Thank you!

S.E – 22 – Life Coach

Larry’s coaching has played a vital role in my journey towards having a healthier body and mind.

 A year ago, a difficult break-up left me very unhappy and caused anxiety to become a difficult and exhausting feature of my every- day life. I had never had any sort of coaching or therapy before, and could previously have been described as a bit of a cynic.

The last few months have taught me that your mind is absolutely something that needs attention and care, and Larry’s coaching has really helped me to come up with strategies to look after my mind. Most importantly, he has helped me to realise my values and to feel really positive about myself as a person, precisely because I have those values.

During our sessions, Larry has helped me think about ways to approach some scary challenges, including repairing family and friend relationships and interviewing for a job, which have all been great successes!

I am so grateful for having had this opportunity to work with Larry, and the fact that I now feel confident and positive about continuing the journey on my own.

EP 27 Teacher

Working together to find a path through an unnerving & stretching time was a profound & useful journey to take.

Larry helped me look at many of the assumptions which I bring to my everyday, and constructively overturned them. We replaced what was stale & stuck with hope & real possibility. Being coached in this way is being given a gift.

I was allowed to be vulnerable, which helped to open up fresh ways to investigate what I wished to achieve.

I now take pleasure in opening a toolbox I had forgotten I had, and using old tools with new edges ground into them. Larry helped me to explore & exploit my resources productively.

It has been (in the words of Satish Kumar) a ‘bud’ experience: Beautiful, Useful & Durable.

M.E., 62, Freelance Media Director and Creator

Coaching requires a balance of supporting the client in exploring their current circumstances and helping them to consider (and then action) the changes necessary to make progress.

Larry handles this very well, and ensures there is just enough structure around the session to make it productive, without making it feel in any way constrained. He also has a real passion for what he’s doing which helps build confidence.

E.A., 53, Company Founder and Strategist IT Development

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