Coaching is a profound gift – treasure is found from where you didn’t expect to discover it.

As your coach I am your companion, helping ease the load as you walk your path.

I am curious and listen hard to what you say. I also hear the inferences, the pauses, the breathing that can identify the essence of what is being explored.

I will explore your topic in often unexpected ways – talking about and feeling what is going on in your body. Moving around as we talk to get new experience of what we are examining. Visioning, to imagine and experience how different the future might be and to feel what it is like there.

I will hold you to account for agreements we make for action, reflection or challenges that you design and take on.

You can expect to experience things like, “I never thought it could be like that,” or, “no-one has done it like this before…”, or “that’s interesting, I have never thought about it that way”